Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spotlight on: Cary Grant

to this day many people will agree that Cary Grant was The leading man of the last century. with his dashing good looks, debonair attitude and sophisticated manner of dress he was every little Gay-boy's idea of a modern day night in shining armor. No....?

well he was mine at least ;)


I'm sure many of you are more familiar with cheesecakes more popular cousin Beefcake!!! here are some pictures of movie stars of the 60s

I'm sure your familiar with Sean Connery the original 007 himself

Clint Walker

Robert Mitchum

Steve Mcqueen

Paul Newman


for those of you who don't know Cheesecake is a slang word i use for pictures of men with deliciously handsome faces. ill give you a few examples Below.

William Holden

Robert Mitchum

Tony Curtis

Gene Kelly

John Wayne

Kirk Douglas

OMG this is my favorit picture of him!!!

OMG he has the most amazing cleft in his chin!!!

Love in the afternoon (1957)

Check out thease rare color photos I found of Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper on the set of love in the afternoon. one of my favorite black and white films.

Spotlight On: Robert Mitcum

Hello Everyone I thought id start off this blog by posting photos Ive collected from all over the internet of one of My most favorit actors of the 40s and 50s. the original Bad boy Himself Robert Mitchum. The photos I most wanted to share with you are what i believe will show you the way he truly was off screen. a friend and loving father to his children.

Robert and Shirley MacLaine on the set of Two for the seesaw 1962

Promotional Photo from Holiday Affair 1949

photo taken of Robert while at the Cannes International Film festival in April of 1954

Photo showing the loving father side of Robert, Source unknown.